Tomorrow is Labor Day, which basically means Sunday night is as good a night as any to go have a few drinks with friends at your favorite pub, tavern, lounge, bar, or other watering hole. While you’re there, why not impress them with a few of the following facts. These would also do well at any BBQ!
Add one part alcohol and one part virtually useless fact for best results.
1. RL Stine Is RICH

2. Topless Men Are Offensive

3. Goats > Lawn Mowers At Google

4. Meanwhile In Russia…

5. You Don’t Need A Driver’s License To Race Cars Illegally

6. So Close!

7. Olivia Wilde Can EAT

8. Peter Freuchen = ULTIMATE Boss

9. That’s A Nice Allowance

10. Lassie Success

11. Peddling Drugs Is Illegal ALMOST Everywhere In The World

12. No Billboards In Vermont

13. I See Death Around The Corner

14. You’re Eating Too Much Pasta

15. I Want To Drive A Tank

16. Some HOnest To God Truth

17. This Is A Thing

18. People Will Be Rude To You, If You’re Overweight

19. Alcoholics Anonymous Success Rate

20. Disabled Ex-Soldier Boss

21. Shouldn’t He Get Something For MacGyver Too?!

22. That Is Not Nice, GM!

23. The Tomtato Exists

24. Mona Lisa Has Disappearing Eyebrows

25. Rubbernecking Prevention In The UK

26. Lady Gaga Does Have Talent Afterall

27. Dang…

28. FBI Can’t Find Programmers That Aren’t Potheads

29. Liberal Arts

30. NASA Radio Station

31. John Wayne Played Genghis Khan