At just 3 years old, Victoria Wilcher has gone through more horrifying events in her life than most adults. In April, she was attacked by three pit bulls at her neglectful grandfather’s house. Her face was badly injured, leaving half of it paralyzed and causing the little girl to have to endure numerous surgeries. She also lost one of her eyes.
Her grandma was driving little Victoria home from the hospital, they decided to stop at KFC for some grub, when another terrible thing happened to the 3yo. Her and her grandmother were asked to leave the store, because the facial scars were frightening other costumers at KFC.

Yeah, you read that right. Our minds are blown as well, but a 3yo little girl, who had just gotten attacked by a pack of crazed dogs, was asked to leave a fast food restaurant because other patrons are unable to deal with reality.
While the incident understandably left little Victoria in tears, her grandmother took to Facebook and shared the 3-year-old’s insanely traumatizing story. Needless to say, the story went viral and KFC answered like a boss.
Instead of trying to somehow rationalize what the heck went down at their restaurant, KFC prepared to look into what exactly happened and donated $30k to Victoria’s surgery fund. If you’d like to donate money to her fund, you can do so here.
The family set a goal of reaching $200k in donations and they’re at approximately $100k at the time we’re writing this article. We hope the Internet manages to cover all her medical bills and wish little Victoria all the best for her recovery and a long, wonderful life ahead!