To celebrate the birthday of the United States, these bosses made some special items.
Metal American Flag
The entire flag is made out of metal. And no, this isn’t photoshopped. Those are real sparks. It took them one hour to make the flag and three hours to get the sparks flying just right!

American Flag Flask
What makes a flask full of delicious whiskey even better? Slapping an American flag on it of course!

American Flag Nighthawks
When these bad boys were retired, they were painted like American flags to send them off in style during their last refueling.

Baseball American Flags
American flags made out of baseballs and baseball bats, because baseball is America’s favorite pastime afterall!

Jeep American Flag
An American flag made out of various parked Jeeps. Pretty bosslike!

American Cars & Motorcycles
Awesome rides rockin’ the Red, White & Blue!

American Flag Couches
Chill in style this 4th of July!

American Flag Keyboard & Mouse
Every word you type will be that much more American! Every click you make will ring freedom!

American Flag Phone Case

American Flag Pie
Wow! This looks so delicious! It’s made with strawberries, cherries and blueberries. You can grab the full recipe here.

American Flag Guitar
Play the “The Star-Spangled Banner” on your sweet American flag guitar like a boss.

American Flag Clothes
Be a true patriot and wear American colors.

We wish all the Americans a happy 4th of July. Stay safe and bosslike!