The best pound-for-pound boxer in the world and highest paid athlete of 2014, Floyd Mayweather Jr., has been challenged by 50 Cent. But it’s not a boxing match or even the extremely popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that 50 Cent wants Mayweather to complete.
Nope! 50 wants Mayweather to prove he can read. Yes, read. The original challenge was that if Mayweather is able to read a full page of a Harry Potter book without messing up, 50 Cent will donate $750,000 to a charity of his choice.
Warning: The following video contains graphic language.

Later, 50 Cent was able to hook it up so Floyd Mayweather Jr. is able to go on the Jimmy Kimmel Show to prove he can read. He claimed they all know Mayweather won’t be able to read a page of a Harry Potter book, so to not put pressure on him they’d allow him to read “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss (a children’s book) instead.
The video for the Cat in the Hat amendment to the challenge is below. This one doesn’t contain any cursing, but it’s still pretty hilarious.

Normally, we wouldn’t post about a celebrity feud on Like A Boss, but this one has a twist that we do like! $750k to any charity is a ton of money and could potentially benefit numerous people. There is no telling how Mayweather will respond to this crazy challenge, but we’re hoping it all ends with $750k+ going to charity in the end!
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