Confronted by a pack of wild-ass coyotoes ready to chew your face off, most people would run for the hills screaming. Not 84yo Dolores Jefferson! People call her Dolly, but they should be calling her Boss.

When her neighbor’s dog was getting attacked by a bunch of wild-as-f### coyotes, she didn’t hesitate to step in. Alerted by her own dog about the attack, she charged outside and screamed at these wild beasts until they ran away in fear.
Her neighbor’s 26lbs Egyptian Fairhound named Roxie had been surrounded by a pack of wild coyotes ready to eat her alive! Luckily Dolly was there to teach those damn coyotes a lesson. Roxie suffered some injuries during the attack, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Dolly’s neighbor Rich Parent (Roxie’s owner), who had been splitting wood and didn’t hear the attack, was extremely thankful for the 84yo’s heroic efforts to save his dog. He bought her a bullhorn to scare off coyotes with in the future!
Thank you for being a boss, Dolly! You’re better than the Roadrunner at getting rid of coyotes.