On his 9th birthday this past Friday, Jaylen Hyde – who has been undergoing chemotherapy in his epic battle against leukemia – woke up to a special news report.

During a fake breaking news segment, which the local NBC station recorded just for Jaylen, he was called on to turn into the superhero Striker Boy in order to save South Florida from the evil villain Sneaky Pete.
Like most boys his age, Jaylen had always dreamed of becoming a superhero, so his parents decided to make it a reality on his 9th birthday. We couldn’t think of a more bosslike birthday surprise for a 9-year-old. Heck, we’d love to become superheroes for a day and we’re adults (sort of).
His kick ass mom managed to keep everything secret until Friday and described Jaylen’s reaction, “He was very excited. Totally geeked.” Based on the superhero Jaylen himself created, he wore a gray costume with a blue mask as Striker Boy!

Volunteers cheered Jaylen on as he defused a fake bomb, rode in a helicopter, put out a fire, and then captured the villain Sneaky Pete! All in a hard day’s work. After he dropped off Sneaky Pete in jail, Jaylen held a news conference to finish his big surprise day. He said, “I can see through the future and I can fly.”

During his battle against Sneaky Pete, Striker Boy (Jaylen) was accompanied by his sidekick Falcon Boy (actually his 13yo brother Daishawn) and policewoman Shadow (a professional actress hired to guide him through the scenarios).

We can’t think of a better 9th birthday. On another positive note, Jaylen is currently in remission from leukemia! The special day was made possible by the Make-A-Wish chapter in South Florida.