Noah Cornuet, 16, enjoyed playing football and wrestling, but he loved being a Boy Scout. He loved it so much, he was about to become an Eagle Scout (an honor only 4% of Boy Scouts manage to earn), which is the highest rank a Boy Scout can obtain.
Unfortunately, he died during football practice one day. He had a rare heart tumor that showed no symptoms before his death.

Unable to finish his Eagle Scout project, his troop decided it still needed to be completed and got together to accomplish Noah’s goal in his honor. It was almost done, because Noah had been working extremely hard on it, so his troop was able to finish the project to improve the grounds at a local church on one Saturday.
In the image below, you can see two military tombstones that Noah had placed at the church cemetery as part of his extensive Eagle Scout project to improve the church grounds.

80 people showed up to repair and paint old sheds, paint signs in the parking lot of the church, and to complete various other tasks needed for the project. This shows what kind of person Noah was. Over 80 people thought it was worth their free time on Saturday to finish his Eagle Scout project!
Noah had already achieved a lot as a Boy Scout to even be considered for Eagle Scout. Numerous merit badges, many letters of recommendation, and a completed final project are required to achieve the highest rank a Boy Scout can have.
Noah’s Boy Scout troop hopes that his Eagle Scout rank will be awarded posthumously. We’re hoping the same! The young man certainly did everything he could to earn this great achievement.

RIP Noah Cornuet