Warning: Reading this may require an entire box of tissues.
At the age of 5, Chen Xiaotian was diagnosed with a brain tumor. His chances of beating the tumor were slim to non-existent. The precious 5yo boy’s mother Zhou Lu would be diagnosed with kidney disease just months later to make things even worse.

Always there for each other, the two battled their respective medical conditions together for two years. At 7 years old, Chen unfortunately lost his ability to see and became paralyzed as his brain tumor grew. Doctors informed his mother that she would never be able to live a normal life again due to her illness. The situation for both of them was terrible.

Physicians knew that Chen wouldn’t be alive much longer and that his kidney was a perfect match for his beloved mother Zhou Lu. However, she refused taking her son’s kidney. The 7yo boy overhead his mother rejecting the idea while talking to their doctors. He proceeded to beg and plead with his mother to take his kidney.

Young Chen’s illness continued to worsen as his brain tumor grew even more and he requested that his mother let him die peacefully, hoping that his kidney would be able to save his mother’s life. Tears in her eyes, Zhou Lu finally agreed to do what her son had been requesting all along. She knew that the only consolation would be that a part of her son would always live on inside her. The heartache she must have felt is unimaginable, but the decision was the right one.
Chen passed away peacefully and his mother received his kidney just as he had wanted. Not only did he save the life of his beloved mother, but his other organs saved two more lives as well. A hospital spokesman said, “The medical team held a brief moment of prayer and silence for the poor child before the transplant, I think it’s fair to say there were very few dry eyes.”

RIP Chen Xiaotian