Nature has so much beauty to offer us. Sometimes it can be quite dangerous to explore that beauty, as is the case with these mesmerizing glacial ice caves from around the world. Sometimes they are created by meltwaters from the glacier flowing down through cracks, but it can also be geothermal activity (i.e. volcanoes) melting water to form these incredible ice caves. Some of them are reminiscent of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude! (You’d need to be Superman to survive one of these collapsing on top of you.)
Eisriesenwelt (Translates To “Ice Giant World”)
This is the largest ice cave in the world. It’s located in Werfen, Austria. Boss!

As you can see below, Iceland has some stunning ice caves. Maybe that’s why they call the place Iceland?!

More than 50% of all the world’s glaciers are in Alaska. As you can imagine, that has produced some sweet ice caves to explore!

Mount Hood has created some boss ice caves there!

In Russia, it gets really cold. Ice caves are the result!

In the French Alps, Aiguille du Midi mountain offers a nice ice cave to explore.

Travel to Patagonia, Argentina to go see the Perito Moreno Glacier. You won’t be disappointed. Bonus: Argentinian steak is delicious!

Near Granite Falls is where you’ll find this ice cave.

Now for the tough decision: Which one are you gonna go explore first?!