This all went down in Mexico to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman. The people at the Mexican Museum of Design (MUMEDI) – with the help of Warner Bros Mexico – invited 30 amazing artists to create some Batman masterpieces that embody the spirit of Mexican culture within them.
Inspired by the Mayan Bat God Camazotz, artist Kimbal created the amazing ancient Mayan Batman sculpture you can see below. Camazotz means “death bat” and in Mayan culture the bat was associated with night, death, and sacrifice.

In the images that follow, the process of creating this stunning Batman sculpture is visualized. Enjoy! If you’d like to go see the whole exhibit, you can hit up the MUMEDI in Mexico City, where the sculptures will be displayed until October 8th, 2014.

In case you’re interested in seeing more of the Batman sculptures displayed at the exhibit, watch the video below. Fair warning: It’s in Spanish.