Once upon a time in India, there lived two young sisters – 12yo Sonia and 6yo Anita – in a rural area of the country. Born blind. Born poor. The two struggled mightily to complete daily tasks. Their parents wished they could afford to have their children’s eyesight repaired with a relatively simple miracle operation that would take 15 minutes.
Unfortunately, their parents also worked on a rice field in India for 17 cents per hour and would never be able to afford a $300 surgery for each of their blind daughters (or even one).

The situation seemed hopeless at best, until recently when 20/20/20 found out about the two blind sisters and decided to help. Using funds gathered from donations, 20/20/20 is a nonprofit organization on a mission to restore the vision of 20 million blind children worldwide.
50% of all the people suffering from being blind in the world could be cured with an operation that takes about 15 minutes to complete. During the surgery, the defective lenses of the person’s eyes are removed and replaced with artificial ones! However, these operations cost $300 and most people in the world are unable to afford them.
That’s why 20/20/20 is helping blind children like Sonia and Anita to get back their vision. I will leave you with 6 year old Anita’s first words after being able to see for the first time in her life, “I Can See, Mommy.”