If you have a fear of heights, the images that follow may make you gag a little just thinking about being in that situation. The possibility of plunging to certain death would rattle most people, but not these climbers. They are FEARLESS!

Why not go camping ON THE SIDE OF A MOUNTAIN? If you roll in your sleep in one of these tents and you forgot to close it, say good night!

Stuck Rock

Hey you crazy climbers, at some point that big ole rock is going to slip. It has to!
Vertical Skiing

Technically this isn’t climbing, but this person is going down the snow-covered side of a mountain and it’s damn near vertical drop! BRB heart attack.
Waterfall Kayaks

Are they looking down because they’re contemplating hopping back into their kayaks for the rest of the ride (a.k.a. death)?

Hopefully this guy is a professional circus clown at the very least.
Mountain Mattress

Because those tents from earlier weren’t bad enough, check out this crazy bastard sleeping on a mattress hooked up to the side of a mountain. He’s way too close to the edge too.
Russian City Climbers
We saved the best worst for last. These Russian city climbers are the craziest climbers in the world. They aren’t even using ropes to secure themselves! Mind = Blown

Let us know if you find some crazier climbers than these people or if you’d be willing to climb like these people. We’d love to see those pics! Share this post with everyone you know, especially those afraid of heights.
We wish these crazy climbers all the best and hope they stay alive while chasing their next adrenaline rush.