Summer is a great time to grill some steaks, burgers, hot dogs and whatever else you want to. Maybe you’re sophisticated and also want to smoke some ribs!
Don’t worry, we have you covered with these amazingly bosslike grills and smokers that will inspire you to have a cookout immediately!
Party Bus Grill
Turn down for WHAT?! Check out this sweet grill on wheels done up with racing flag and flames paint.

The Rake
There are many ways to use a rake with your outdoor cooking. Yes, we’re talking about the gardening tool. Do you like s’mores? Who doesn’t?! Do you like hot dogs? Who doesn’t?! Why not stick them on a rake over a fire pit like some sort of bosslike, modernized caveman?

Laptop Grill
Is it a laptop or is it an awesome grill?!

Volcano Grill
In case you happen to have an erupting volcano with magma spilling out of it in your epic backyard, why not just grill some hot dogs over the lava? Will you die doing this? Maybe, but it will be tons of fun until you catch on fire!

Stroller Grill
Perfect for cooking babies that annoy you. What?!

Trailer Cabin Grill
Hitch this bad boy to the back of your truck and be able to grill (and smoke some BBQ pork?) anywhere! The attached cabin (okay, maybe it’s just a sweet-looking shed) is so aesthetic and bosslike, it will make everyone you drive past envious!

Car Trunk Grill
Convert the trunk of your car into a pull out grill, because that’s what bosses do! It’s perfect for tailgating or showing off your grilling skills at a car meetup.

Hidden Grill
If you don’t want people to know you even have a grill, because you’re an undercover agent of the Grilling Intelligence Agency, then this is your weapon of choice my friend!

Death Star Grill
We’re not sure if this cooks with a destructive laser capable of wiping out entire planets, but we are certain it could potentially destroy some burgers (if left unattended). Any Star Wars fan would go crazy when they see you with Darth Vader’s grill of choice.

BBQ Donut
Wanna grill on a lake in style? Then the BBQ Donut is the obvious choice for you. Holy crap! We’re pretty jealous right now.

Globe Grill
The inside of this might not get as hot as the Earth’s core, but it’ll get hot enough to grill some delicious steaks like a boss!

Table Grill
You may have seen it before, because it’s so amazing it got shared around the Internet a couple weeks back. We are in love.

Trike Smoker
If you want to ride and smoke in style at the same time, you clearly need this.

Engine Grill
Start your engines and get to cooking us some burgers!

Truck Grill
This is a grill inside the back of a huge truck. Mind = BLOWN!

Gentlemen, please man your grills and let the summer cookouts begin with the most bosslike grills ever invented by mankind!