Why is Alabama such a bosslike place to live? You’re about to find out. Officially called the Yellowhammer State, it’s also nicknamed the Heart of Dixie and the Cotton State.
The Rocket That Put Humans On The Moon Was Alabama-Built!
The first two people on the moon, Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, were shot up there by a Saturn V rocket designed and built by the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Needless to say, Huntsville is known as the rocket capital of the World!

Alabama Crimson Tide Football
If you’ve watched college football in the last 100 years, this team needs no introduction! They have won three national titles in the last 10 years. Roll Tide!

Confederate Flag
In 1861, the Confederate flag was designed and first flown in Alabama! It was the Stars and Bars flag, which eventually led to the creation of the famous Battle Flag of the Confederacy.

Rosa Parks
This pivotal civil rights activist was born in Tuskegee, Alabama. Montgomery, Alabama is where she refused to move to the back of the bus like a boss.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
MLK was a pastor in Alabama before he took on his key role in the civil rights movement. He first organized nonviolent protests in Birmingham, Alabama, and would later give his famous “I Have A Dream” speech.

Joe Louis
Joe “Brown Bomber’ Louis, boxing’s World Heavyweight Champion from 1937-1949, was the first African American to become a nationwide hero in the USA. He was born in Lafayette, Alabama. Often regarded as the #1 heavyweight boxer of all time, Joe Louis was a boss!

Talladega Superspeedway
The longest NASCAR track located in Talladega, Alabama is sure to impress any motorsports fan. It’s no surprise Will Ferrell’s comedy about a NASCAR driver was called ‘Talladega Nights’. Shake n bake!

Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail
A bosslike collection of golf courses created by the famous architect will blow any golf player away. The courses are spread throughout Alabama.

The Gulf Coast
The beaches along the Gulf Coast in Alabama are incredibly beautiful and a terrific vacation spot. Places like Orange Beach are easily worth a visit just for the delicious seafood available.

Antebellum Homes
Alabama is one of the best places to go see some elegant plantation homes built during the 30 years before the American Civil War.

Now you know why Alabama is awesome. If you don’t live there, go visit it. Share this post with anyone from Alabama or someone who might want to visit it!