While most of these cakes are edible, we must warn you: Some of these money cakes are made of actual money and you probably shouldn’t eat them. Is cash edible?!
A money cake is the perfect gift idea for any birthday, graduation or any other event where it’s acceptable to just give the person some cash as a present. Ka-ching!
Money Barrel Cake

The lucky recipient of this cake always joked about wanting a bushel of $50 bills, so the cake bakers made his wildest dream come true! The barrel and the fake $50 bills are all edible.
Money Cake

With dollar signs all over the cake and some edible $100 bills on top, this cake is pretty baller!
Briefcase Money Cake

Like the Money Barrel Cake, this one was assembled by the Pink Cake Box in New Jersey. Apparently baking and decorating cakes with a money theme is one of their special skills. The briefcase is filled with $100 bills you can eat.
Money & Chain Cake

Stacks of money and a gold chain to go with it. That’s gangsta!
Stuffed Wallet Cake

Looks like this one was placed on a thick layer of real $1 bills. Congrats! You’re rich now!
Dollar Bill Cake

This variation is made with real dollar bills. You probably shouldn’t eat them, but you can definitely spend them on cakes you can actually eat!
Butterfly Money Cake

Another one made with real $1 bills. This one is pretty aesthetic with all those butterflies. Nicely done!
Money Bag Cake

Whoa, it looks like even the designs on the bills were made by hand. That’s impressive and this cake looks delicious.
And we’re off to stuff our faces full of cake until morbid obesity takes over and gives us the free gift of DIABEETUS. It’s not really free, if you work hard eating all that cake though.