Another edition of our weekly collection of awesome photos. We’ll start with two Amur leopard cubs born at Twycross Zoo in Atherstone, Warwickshire, England. The Amur leopard is a critically endangered leopard subspecies and only about 25 exist in the wild today.
This car. It’s amazing.
I would devour this entire box of donuts without remorse. They are delightful!
The beautiful moment of a wedding proposal is captured in the following photograph.
Putting some sweet potato fries on your cheese burger is a fantastic idea!
This is what happens when your carry-on luggage is over the weight limit.
Charlie Brown coffees makes your morning Cup o Joe even more special.
This guy decided to propose to Beyonce on Twitter like a boss.
A friendly deer enjoys being scratched.
Meanwhile this dog is enjoying a trunk full of treats to sit and snack on.
Working at an elephant orphanage must be a very rewarding job.
What a view!
At the Grand Hotel in Taipei, this kickass escape slide was discovered.
Make sure you’re eating a balanced diet like the Fresh Prince.

Another stunningly gorgeous view just because.

Grating cheese while skydiving is about as boss as things get.

This photograph of a half moon behind a sailboat was taken precisely at the right time.

Can I have some of that Nutella, please? That jar is huge!

This kitten loves to dance.

And I would love to eat this mac n cheese.

But I wouldn’t want to feed this liger named Hercules, who is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest cat on Earth. He weighs over 900lbs! A ligers is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress (female tiger). Crossing them produces the largest felines in the world!

Stacks of money can be a coffee table, you just need enough cash.

Row, row, row your boat…

This looks like a great place to skateboard.

Are you hungry at all? How about a juicy steak with some delicious fries?

Or just a steak cut up and ready for you to eat with chopsticks?

Who wouldn’t want to get in the wind on this bike? It even has NOS!

I guess you could call this thing a tank scooter?

If you get drunk enough this weekend, try out a game of underwater beer pong with your friends.

Bosslike pics of this week!