A Korean artist named Yong Ho Ji made the bosslike sculptures that follow out of recycled old tires. He’s basically transforming someone’s trash into a valuable piece of art any boss would love to have in their home!
The sculptor’s series is called ‘Mutant Mythos’ and covers a wide variety of beastlike creatures that are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Anything from actual animals to hybrid animals, and even hybrid humans, is included in his artwork.
With all that said, enjoy these badass sculptures made by a boss artist out of recycled materials.
Yong Ho Ji with a Mythical Horned Beast
The artist poses with one of his breathtaking creations like a boss.

We think this is probably a lion. He looks a little bit like Scar from “The Lion King”!

What Is This?
We don’t know, but we do know we wouldn’t want to be attacked by it!

Hammerhead Shark?
This one might be a hammerhead shark ready to rip anything in its path to shreds. But maybe it’s another kind of killer fish.

Rhino? Unicorn?
It could be a rhino combined with a tiger or something, but it could also be how unicorns really looked, before Noah let them drown because they were too bosslike for the world.

Ram Head Wall Mount
Like a hunter’s most prized trophy, this is mounted on the wall. No hunter will ever be bosslike enough to shoot such a prestine animal though!

No Idea What This Is
Maybe we’ll have to go have a chat with the artist himself sometime, because we have no clue what this thing is. We do know we want it. Now!

Bull Head Wall Mount
Like anyone could actually behead this alpha bull. Seems legit, Yong!

Simba, is that you? What are you doing looking all black and majestic like that?!

This might be our favorite. It’s the epitome of boss.


Nope. NOPE!

Or maybe it’s some kind of humanlike monster about to eat your brains!

And with that, we’re out. Our minds are completely blown by these awesome sculptures. Share them with everyone!