Kickstarter campaigns have been pretty crazy so far this summer. The potato salad Kickstarter is a great example of how crazy it’s been, but the new Bunch O Balloons Kickstarter is even more bosslike. It looks like it’s already over $60k in donations, even though the goal was $10k! And there are four more weeks left for people to donate.

What embodies the spirit of summer fun more than nailing someone in the face with a bunch of water balloons? Nothing! Bunch O Balloons is an invention by a dad who knows his children love water balloons. But let’s be honest, he probably loves them too!

They can be a hassle to fill one by one and tying them individually is even worse, so he came up with an invention that attaches to a water hose and allows you to fill 37 water balloons in 20 seconds. That’s over 100 water balloons per minute! Bunch O Balloons was born and the family’s water balloon fights haven’t been the same since.

The process is very simple. Attach the Bunch O Balloons to a hose and fill them with water.¬†When they’re full, gently shake them off of the attachment. They’re self-sealing thanks to amazing O-ring technology, so you don’t need to tie them!

The Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds to start the mass production of this water-balloon-filling invention. For the sake of summer water balloon fights, we believe it’s worth donating!
Bunch O Balloons Kickstarter
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