You probably remember this awesome story we ran a while back of a guy named Bryson Rowley, who stopped a high speed police car chase with his pickup truck. A teen had stolen a car and was about to drive through a park filled with kids playing. Instead of letting him do that, Bryson rammed the crap out of the kid’s car and put a stop to the chase. He’s now generally considered a hero and a boss in the area, as he should be.

Now on to this particular story. After he took some extensive damage to this pickup truck during the epic collision talked about around the world, Bryson’s car insurance didn’t want to cover the repairs. That’s when Bryan Ellison, who co-owns the West Valley Carstar body shop, decided to step in and hook this hero up! He said, “I knew the insurance, because it was intentionally done, wouldn’t pay for (the repairs). Just knowing that he could have saved multiple kids’ lives — the least I could do was get the truck fixed at no cost.”

The bosses at the body shop provided Bryson with a rental car while they began repairing his truck. Bryson’s truck is a 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 and the repairs would’ve run him about $7,500 to fix the front suspension and bumper, but then the community stepped in! Instead of just fixing Bryson’s truck, they decided to upgrade it.
$15,000 in various monetary and car part donations later, Bryson’s truck was fixed and upgraded with new turbos, new front differential parts, a new fuel system, a new back bumper and new shocks! Thanks to the amazing people in this hero’s community, he now has a bosslike truck that is more aesthetic and more powerful. It also runs more smoothly and gets better gas mileage!

Bryan Ellison from the body shop said, “We kind of went above and beyond, all of us, to make his truck bigger and badder than it was.” You sure did, Bryan. You sure did! He also said, “I was just honored to do it — to take care of him for doing the right things for the right reasons.”
Bryson Rowley, hero and boss extraordinaire, was more than thankful for the enormously friendly gesture from his community. He said, “It was more than expected. They went above and beyond the repairs that were needed. I’m just grateful that people stepped up like that — it sure helped out.”

Keep being bosslike, everyone!