In January of this year, CEO Mohamed El-Erian shocked the world when he resigned as head of the $2 trillion investment fund PIMCO. Work commitments had led to him missing too many of his daughter’s important milestones in life and he decided no money in the world could make up for these priceless moments with his family. Not even $100+ million per year, which is what he was making!

The ex-CEO said the “wake-up call” was when he told his 10yo daughter to brush her teeth one night and she handed him a list of 22 important milestones he had missed in her life. It included things like her first day of school, her first soccer match, and a Halloween parade. He tried to justify missing these important events in his daughter’s life due to work commitments, but he couldn’t.
El-Erian decided he wasn’t making enough time for his daughter and his family as a whole, so he quit his job as CEO and created more flexibility in his life to accomodate the needs of his wife and daughter. He now regularly makes breakfast for his daughter and takes her to school. He attends events that are important to her and has taken some part-time jobs (i.e. chief economic adviser at Allianz) that require little to no traveling for work.
If this ex-CEO isn’t a boss dad, I don’t know who is! Not all parents have this option, but he did and took it without hesitation.