Around the world, many people are hungry. They’re starving and it would actually be possible to feed everyone, if we all combined our efforts and good intentions to do it!
Whether you enjoy her music or not, Christina Aguilera is using her fame for a good cause by helping to end world hunger with her Hunger To Hope project.
Recently, she’s been pushing her PSA about the program, which you can watch below.

Donating money is about the easiest thing you can do to help feed people that are hungry. Every dollar feeds four people! That might not even be a bottle of water where you live. Drink a couple glasses of tap water and you’ll have enough $$$ saved up to feed four people! It seems simple, right? It is.

Christina Aguilera has a beautiful voice and a kind heart. She even posted on HuffPost herself about the project in an article she titled “Let’s Not Wait Another Year: Together We Can Move Millions From Hunger to Hope“.

That’s some #truth right there from the pop singer herself. Here are the cliffs on the article:
– All parents should be able to feed their children.
– She went to Rwanda last year to see starving people in person and help feed them.
– Christina Aguilera has witnessed herself what a toll hunger can take on families and entire communities.
– Hunger leads to more deaths than AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and war combined each year.
– She helped feed children who will walk several miles just to receive a meal. They were extremely happy just to get some rice and beans.
– Christina Aguilera wants to use her singing career as a platform to raise awareness about the global hunger issue and help solve it.
– She needs your help to #PasstheRedCup! $5 donated equals 20 children fed. If you can’t afford to donate, try to volunteer at a local hunger relief organization like a boss!
Go hit up Xtina’s Twitter and find out more about #PasstheRedCup.

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