This Thanksgiving, many department and warehouse stores will open their doors for customers early; before it’s even really Black Friday. But while retailers like Walmart and Macy’s are taking part in this new craze, Costco is going to remain loyal to their employees and keep their warehouse stores closed this Thanksgiving. Costco believes its employees deserve a day off on this holiday in order to have a chance to spend quality time with their families and loved ones.
Black Friday will still be happening at Costco and it’s going to be massive, however they won’t be opening their doors before it’s actually… you know… Friday! We love that Costco is staying true to their values and affording their employees the time off to spend with their families this Thanksgiving. It’s a boss move in a situation where there is certainly pressure throughout the market to open the flood gates early on Thanksgiving instead of waiting for Black Friday.
Market research suggests that opening on Thanksgiving doesn’t boost sales overall either. Black Friday is enough for the stores that were closed on Thanksgiving to catch up and it evens out profit-wise in the end. People are also less likely to shop at places that were open on Thanksgiving, with more than 50% of shoppers in the United States disapproving of the early openings on Thanksgiving and 20% saying it goes as far as making them shop elsewhere, when a retailer opens on Thanksgiving instead of letting their employees celebrate the holiday at home. Read it and weep, Walmart!
The policy doesn’t just cover Thanksgiving either though. Nope! Costco also closes its doors for holidays like Christmas, Labor Day and Easter.

Some other stores that will be closed on Thanksgiving — out of respect to their employees and the fact that they probably want to spend the holiday with their families — are GameStop, American Girl, Burlington, Dillard’s, Nordstrom, Patagonia, and REI. The list is growing.