Being an educator is an important job. You help form young minds to set them up for a bright future. Some teachers, like the ones you’re about to meet, are a cut above the rest and really show us what teaching should be all about.
They take educating young people to the next level with an innate ability to inspire wonder and the thirst for knowledge within their students. I bet you wish your teachers back in high school and college had been this awesome. I know I do!
1. Physics Teacher With Some Impressive Geography Prowess
When your physics teacher can draw an extremely accurate map of the USA from memory like this guy, you know you’re in good hands at school!

2. Possibly The Best Test Question Ever!
Who hasn’t thought about throwing Justin Bieber off a cliff from time to time? Now do some math with that fantasy in mind!

3. Where’s Waldo?
This teacher turned the faculty page of the school’s yearbook into a game of “Where’s Waldo?” because he could.

4. Lady Gaga Chemistry
Just a subtle Lady Gaga reference tossed up with the projector during chemistry class. See… chemistry teachers don’t always spend their days cooking meth.

5. Ninja vs Wizard
Unfortunately for this student, ninjas are unable to protect against magic.

6. Appreciating The Jam
When your teacher shares your love for music, you know he’s doing it right.

7. American Psycho
A helpful reminder courtesy of Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman wielding an axe is just what kids need to inspire them not to sleep in class.

8. Shakespeare Romance Tips
This quiz about Shakespeare’s Macbeth came with a free romance lesson!

The only way to succeed is to practice. Using a hashtag to get your point across is sometimes needed in teaching.

10. Memes
If the teachers’ lounge has a secret stash of memes, you know things are going well at that school!

11. Burn The Wasp
Hopefully they remembered to have some fire drills before this went down.

12. Calculus
It’s rather difficult to make calculus interesting, but this fine educator did his best.

13. Algebro
Possibly the best vanity plate a math teacher can get.

14. Nic Cage
If your teacher is aware of the Nicolas Cage movement and also knows how to draw him, you’re gonna have a fun time in that class this year.

15. Ball Retrieval
If a ball gets stuck in the rafters during gym class and your physical education teacher believes the best way to get it down involves a bow & arrow, then it’s gonna be an AMAZING year of gym class.

16. Futurama
Do not erase. Ever.

17. Predicting The Future
This teacher made some bold predictions about a student’s future using hashtags. Brilliant!

18. Liquid Cats
It’s science, bitch!

19. Questioning Authority
You should never bow to the will of authority just because. If you don’t, you might get a reward like this from an excellent teacher.

20. Titanic Biology
This is how you learn about biology, Jack.

21. Texting In Class
Someone might. You don’t know about my past, Lili!

22. Shots Fired
Kim Kardashian is gonna be pretty offended when she finds out about this!

23. Man Dolphin Bonus
Four bonus points for everyone? Teacher of the year right here, baby!