Sally-Anne Grainger and Wesley Joyce had never met each other before, but Joyce still donated his kidney to Grainger even though they were complete strangers.
Grainger suffers from cystic fibrosis and already had a double lung transplant in 2009. The 34 year old mother of two then had to take toxic medication after the operation, which led to renal failure. With her kidneys in terrible shape and requiring dialysis treatment three times per week, she was desperate for a kidney donor and made a plea for one in the local newspaper.
Joyce used to be a soldier and went to prison for four years in 2004 for an assault. Since then, he has started to turn his life around and wanted to do something good for someone else. When he saw Grainger’s plea for a kidney donor in the newspaper, he just had to do it! It’s not every day you see someone be so selfless and donate an organ to a complete stranger, but this extraordinary ex-convict donated a kidney!
The transplant was a success and Sally-Anne Grainger will be able to watch her daughters Kelsey (14) and Megan (10) grow up. Wesley Joyce was given the nickname Wes Almighty by Grainger and the two are now close friends. Joyce considers the donated kidney a good start to do more good in his life like a boss.