The future of fighting fires is here, ladies & gentlemen! The firefighters of the future will be more safe, efficient and productive thanks to amazing exoskeleton technology developed by some genius scientists.

The new suits made for firemen use exoskeletons to increase the strength (and thus performance) of whoever wears them. The firefighters of the future will be able to carry heavy equipment and people up and down stairs, as well as ladders, with relative ease.

The suits also come with sweet attachments like high pressure water cannons that simply clip onto the suit. Fires won’t stand a chance against these almost-robot-like bosses!

The amazing exoskeleton transfers all weight carried by it directly to the ground, so the firefighter doesn’t have to bear that load. The suit can carry up to 200lbs!
Check out all the crap firefighters have to carry on a daily basis. This suit will help them out a ton!

No thanks, Jeff. Let the bosslike exoskeleton carry that stuff and save even more lives than you already are!
To all firemen: We hope this technology is made available to you soon. Keep being bosses out there when you’re putting out fires and rescuing people from terrible situations. We also haven’t forgotten about all the pets you’ve saved!