Charity doesn’t always have to be a boring thing you do because you feel like you have to as a responsible human being. What if you could just go out to a pub, have a few drinks and maybe a delicious meal, celebrate with friends and/or family, and donate money at the same time?!
You can do that at the Oregon Public House in Portland, Oregon, which is a nonprofit pub that donates all of its profits to charities of the patrons’ choice!
Whether you’re having a beer or eating a full meal, the profits made from whatever you order off the menu will go to a local charity of your choice at the Oregon Public House. That’s boss beyond belief! The charities are listed on the menu, so even if you’re already drunk you can still pick one.
We hope more of these types of nonprofit pubs and bars exist soon, because it’s a really cool idea and things seem to be going well for the people at the Oregon Public House! We salute them and their innovative idea to take giving to charities to the next level and make it even more awesome to donate!