Get your scroll finger ready, you’ll be doing a lot of it! If your mouse isn’t equipped with a scroll wheel, good luck!
So this chick named Jenny decided to quit her job by sending everyone in the office an e-mail containing 33 (yes, freakin’ 33) pictures of her holding white board messages. The purpose of this was to quit her job in epic fashion and also humiliate and own her boss in the process.
All of the about 20 employees at the office received the not-so-friendly white board messages in their e-mail accounts! We bet they had a few chuckles here or there and went, “Wow, she got him good!” on a few of the messages she sent.
We will give her credit for the original idea and she did have some zingers on those white boards of hers, but her boss responded… and it is bosslike. I guess you could say her BOSS responded LIKE A BOSS!
Are you ready? Ready… set… SCROLL!

Is your finger still okay? No bleeding yet? Sweet. Keep scrolling because what follows is the amazing response from her boss. This guy kills it!

We think you’ll agree that her boss won this little back and forth. Unfortunately for Jenny, her immediate future doesn’t look too bright due to the choices she made. Hopefully her boss will go easy on her with the lawsuit, but we aren’t counting on it!
If you’re ever about to do something this crazy to quit your job, make sure it won’t backfire when your boss owns you twice as hard!