The holiday season is the time of year when you go the extra mile to do something nice for others. For some people that means holding the door open for a stranger, volunteering at a soup kitchen, cooking a meal for some friends, or searching for an extra special gift.
But, that gift doesn’t always have to be a brand new, fresh-off-the-shelves, item. This person found a Barbie jeep and decided to turn it into the perfect gift for a friend’s son. Because, what kid doesn’t want an awesome power wheels jeep?
Prepping the jeep for the ultimate make over. All the pink Barbie stickers have to go!
In the beginning they had to dissemble the jeep which took quite some time.
After taking apart every thing they painted the parts red and black, a perfect color scheme for a young boy.
desktop-1419009673 (1)
After the paint dried it was time to put the jeep back together.
desktop-1419009671 (1)
After it was all the hard work, it came out looking half decent.
Check out the finished product.
It looks just like the real thing. Amazing!
This little boy is going to be driving around the neighborhood like a true boss.