22yo Jon Meis is a volunteer for the security department at Seattle Pacific University, but mainly just a college kid who is a complete badass! When a hellaciously evil gunman opened fire on Thursday at the school, injuring three people and killing one person, Jon Meis went into boss mode.
Armed with some pepper spray, he tackled the gunman like a boss and some other people helped him subdue the shooter. Thanks to his heroic actions, no other people were hurt and the gunman was taken into custody.

Now on to his surprise: Some sneaky Internet detectives found out that Jon Meis will be getting married to his beautiful fiancée Kaylie on June 21st, 2014. This lucky girl gets to marry a real life hero! Further investigation found their wedding gift registry at Crate & Barrel and Target.

So what did people do? They bought every gift on the list of course! The couple was surely pleasantly surprised by the generosity from people, but really Jon Meis deserves all the gifts in the world after his heroic act.

Some cool comments about the gift registry buying streak made possible by the magnificent power of the Internet:
“‪Mike Lasnier: I just bought this guy and his wife a blender! It’s as close as I can get to buying him a beer!”
“‪Chris Gossard: We’re happy to have bought this hero and his bride-to-be some kitchen items. It’s the least we can do.”
“‪Stacy McMartin: Wow – his entire Crate & Barrel registry has been totally cleaned out. That’s crazy!! He deserves it.”

Keep being a boss, Jon Meis. We hope only great things come your way in the future!