There is always something new to find and learn about on the Internet. Maybe you even know about some of these hidden Easter eggs spread across the World Wide Web or maybe you had no idea such a thing was even possible! Whatever the case may be, here are our favorites!
Google Images Atari Breakout
Next time you’re browsing through Google’s image search, type in “atari breakout’ and prepare to play a round of the 1976 video game right then and there!

The Blue Cup
Scroll across the blue cup on the HEMA web site and watch all hell break loose right before your eyes!

Easter Egg On Wikipedia
The Wikipedia page about Easter egg media actually contains an Internet Easter egg itself. All you have to do is click on the hedgehog in the picture shown on the page.

Sloth Takeover
If you hop on Buzzfeed and put in the well-known Konami cheat code Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, it will cause the site to be taken over by sloths!

Another way to utilize the Konami Code from above is to go on Soundclick and enter it. You’ll get a big-ass bacon strip, which you can snack on by pressing your ‘Enter’ key!

Gambling Addiction At Work
On SkyBet, you can turn the web site into a fake spreadsheet to make you boss think you’re working as he walks by, when you’re actually gambling online.

Do The Harlem Shake
Make YouTube do the Harlem Shake by typing “do the harlem shake” into the search box and pressing enter. Ah, this takes me back!

I Am Under 21
Hit up the Black Acre Brewing web site and tell them you’re not 21 by clicking “I AM UNDER 21”. Shit will get real!

Google “Askew”
When you google the word “askew”, Google will look askew. How magnificently brilliant is that?!
Know of any other Internet Easter eggs? Share them with us!