Sarah is a badass wife of a lucky man named Seth. Before their wedding, she decided to forge a special wedding ring for her future husband! The end product is amazing and the process is cool as well. We’ll go through it step by step!
Render the Ring
She rendered the ring with special computer software and it only took her five hours!

In Sarah’s words, “I began my quest with the computer. I didn’t even need to draw it. I knew what I wanted to do. This is the first and only iteration I ever made, I completed the model and drew up renders in about 5 hours worth of time. Built with Rhino 5+ Matrix 7.5.” We don’t know what half of that means, but it sounds fancy!
Create the Wax Ring
She used magic or something like it to create a wax version of the ring as kind of a template we guess.

If you know how rings are made, maybe this quote from Sarah means something to you: “I built up a toolpath and milled it with Revo CX. I used a dual sided plus rotary, 10 degree bit for roughing, and a 5 degree bit for the rotary. I think it took about 9 hours to mill. Feedrate was set to 85%, I wanted to make sure the mill took its time.”
Do Some More Bosslike Stuff
We’ll put Sarah’s quotes under the pictures that follow. She’s much better at explaining this than we are. Such is life!

“Here I am taking the flask, wax ring contained within, to the kiln for wax burnout.  I’ll be using 14k X1 white gold for this. Got my game face on. Don’t f### it up, Sarah!”

“With the wax burned out, flask at a balmy 900 degrees, I start the casting process. Here I am heating up the crucible. I used a centrifuge cranked four times.”
The Ring is Born!
The fresh casting already looks very cool, but some more steps are needed to make it bosslike!

Cleaning the Ring for Polishing
Before it can be polished, the ring has to be cleaned up.

Polishing the Ring
It takes a long time to polish the ring until it’s all shiny and smooth.

Placing the Diamonds
After the ring is nice and polished, it’s time to slap some diamonds on that thing like a boss!

In Sarah’s own words, “Here I’m laying out my center stone (1/3 ct round) and my melee diamonds- 18 total, 2mm SI1 G-H rounds.”
The Wedding Ring is Finished
All done. Seth’s bosslike, handmade wedding ring from his amazing wife Sarah is shown with her own wedding ring. Of course we included some sweet pics from their wedding as well! Check out that rainbow!

May you live a prosperous and happy life together, Seth and Sarah! Your wife is a boss, Seth!