Buying bottled water is a dumb move and you shouldn’t be doing it, unless the tap water where you live or travel to isn’t safe to drink. (This isn’t the case in almost every part of the United States for example.)
In Minneapolis, Minnesota, they no longer have mercy on idiots who buy bottled water. They’re straight up calling them out on the street about their terrible life choices. Check out the signs! Haha.

Every city with clean drinking water should do this. Instead of buying plastic bottles filled with the equivalent of tap water and creating a ton of waste, just get yourself a water bottle you can refill. Some of them are even insulated to keep your water (or other beverage) cold (or warm) for several hours!

Tests have shown bottled water is the same or worse quality as tap water in most places, especially when it comes to important factors like mineral content (namely calcium and magnesium). So no, bottled water generally isn’t healthier than tap water!
If you end up traveling somewhere and have no idea if the tap water is drinkable, there is an app for that! One of the more popular ones is simply called Water Advisor.
We hope this helps convert some of you into tap water drinking bosses. Use your money for something else.