Darren Robinson is a 42yo who enjoys training in the martial art of Thai boxing. Recently, his training came in handy to save some lives, when a house in his neighborhood caught on fire and people were trapped inside.
Darren sprung into action, kicked down the door with his bosslike Thai boxing kicks of doom, and rescued the mother who was trapped inside. While he was going HAM on the door, his buddy Mark grabbed a ladder and climbed up to the upstairs bedroom window, where he rescued the father and 19yo daughter. The flames from the fire were so hot, Mark’s ladder was melted.
Thanks to these two bosses and Darren’s incredible ability to kick down doors like a hero, the family of three made it out of their burning home alive! When firefighters arrived, they couldn’t believe Darren had been able to kick down the door, but they sure were happy these two neighbors were there to help out in a terrible situation.

Darren had the following to say about the horrific inferno and his insane leg strength, “I gave the door around 20 kicks and eventually broke the lock. I just don’t know how she survived. The smoke was extremely toxic. I don’t feel like a hero. I just did what anyone else would have done. I’m still in shock. I’d like to thank Elite Thai Boxing in Bolton for training me. The firemen couldn’t believe that I kicked down the door.”
And Mark, who is also a bosslike hero for his ladder rescue, had this to say: “I heard shouting and saw that there were people at the bedroom window. I went to get my ladder and steadied it while the man and his daughter climbed down. We could hear the girl’s mother in the hallway. I held open the handle on the door as Darren started kicking. He would have broken my arm if he’d missed. When the door opened, the smoke was billowing out. It was pitch black. It just lifted for a moment and we saw the woman on the stairs so we dragged her out. When something like that happens, you don’t think. You just do what you have to do. I’m just glad we got them out.”
And we’re glad you got them out too. The firefighters think you’re heroes and we do too! Keep being bosses, gentlemen!