I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “kids say the darnedest things.” Well, it is a saying for a darn good reason. These little star students now-a-days are more clever and aware than most people think. Whether they are toddlers or teens they are more aware and clever than most people give them credit for. The more knowledge they attain delivers more fuel for their imaginations which molds their personalities and attitudes. So don’t be surprised if you ever discover how awesomely hilarious some children are.  These kids definitely deserve an “A” for effort.
I hope he got 100% on his history test!
What do you think you would look like when you’re 100?
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He might have thought the professor was born yesterday.add780fae6c43da67c7d6b8e6364ccea_25 - Copy (2)
Its not like he lied or anything. Lol!
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If I was the only one of my kind, I would feel lonely too.7e9cd0e963326d3de26d81ea8267b51a_17 - Copy (2)
I hope they don’t use this concept when architects build buildings!86ed1b663e8f6ceab712d4a66d6183f8_15 - Copy
I guess this is what you turn into when you play the piano everyday.8b50625efb8dffae616fbf8c5afd95fe_14
I guess in a way this is kind of  correct.
Give this kid a goddamn cookie will you!442504c9b81d51e4dfdb11debab3e727_6
This kid would make a pirate s#*t himself!90f0d99039ce5a565c28c97832f9ae97_1
I hope little Frankie doesn’t remain this way forever. acff0833a4ae528a42edbe0159efbaa5_13
Kim Jung-Un would be proud!
Simplification at it’s best.
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He should get extra credit for going the extra mile!d66bb584e64be73d8b08da6711784680_12
I see what you did there!
Peter has always been the class clown.
I guess there is no stronger force in this world.8e68d6c72800da9938360601ea99fcef_7
That day hope made five new best friends.bc96568f4569df2a276ab87e8dfe0b24_8
In all seriousness, some of these kids are way smarter than some of the people I work with! They put a whole new meaning of “thinking outside the box.” If you have seen other brilliant answers feel free to share them in the comments below!