Some kids are just going to lose every game of hide & seek they play, because they suck at it way too much. Closing your eyes doesn’t mean you disappear, kid, but it’s adorable you think it does mean that!
Behind Curtains
If your legs are sticking out of the bottom of the curtains, you still need to perfect your invisibility skills!

Under A Chair
Who would think to even look there, right? You can’t tell she’s under there unless you thoroughly inspect the area under the desk.

Hidden Behind An Alligator
I know it’s hard to believe, but behind that stuffed alligator (or is it a crocodile?) is a small child. You would’ve never guessed this without my help!

Several Attempts
Some kids make a few attempts at being stealthy hide & seek ninjas, but they fail every time. Their future may be bright, but hopefully they aren’t planning to apply for any jobs that require stealth.

The Bed
If I can’t see anything, no one else can either, right? Wrong.

Half-Ass Closet
At least get up in there and close the door, you lazy little…

Close Your Eyes
It’s adorable that some kids really think this will work!

The Rug
He blends in so smoothly, it’s incredible. No one will ever defeat him in a game of hide & seek.

Kids are awesome.