Livegreen Toronto has come up with some amazingly clever advertisements to make people aware of the littering problem within the city of Toronto, Canada. While Toronto is overall pretty clean, when compared to other large cities around the world like NYC, there is always room for improvement and these powerful ads will call you out for littering without hesitation. That’s boss!
Littering really does say a lot about you, i.e. that you’re too lazy to take empty food wrappers to a trash can and throw them on the ground to pollute the city you live in instead.

Using wrappers from various products, the Livegreen Toronto team has managed to call people who litter out in boss fashion. It’s definitely very selfish to litter.

And of course it’s stupid to litter, but I am getting a sudden craving for Redbull now. Don’t worry, I’ll throw the empty can in the recycling bin where it belongs after I guzzle down that caffeine bomb!

If you litter with a complete disregard for your community, the people that live in it, and even the animals that may choke on these plastic wrappers and die, you truly are a lowlife. Shots fired!

Pigs get a bad rep for rolling around in mud and other filth. It’s time to give people who litter an even worse reputation than pigs. At least we can get bacon from pigs.

This is by far the best one. Great laughs were had. DIPSTICK! I really saved the best for last on this one. Haha!