A plane with 243 passengers had to turn around when a man pretended to have a Coronavirus and had the plane denied landing.

The plane took off from Toronto, Canada and was heading towards Jamaica. Unfortunately for the passengers, a male called Potok Philippe, (real name James Potok) managed to delay their trip because of a joke about the coronavirus.

The male is an Instagram’er and YouTube’er and decided he would make a joke about the coronavirus. According to the Daily Mail, Potok got up from his seat and said (while filming himself):

“Can I get everybody’s attention please. I just came back from Hunan province, the capital of the coronavirus. I’m not feeling too well. Thank you.”

As a result, the “prankster” was forced to wear a mask and gloves and sit at the back of the plane. Also, the plane was denied landing in both Jamaica and the United States and all had to go back to Toronto.

A passenger named Julie-Anne Broderick wrote this on her Facebook:

The man was arrested, and are now educated about the Coronavirus and life in general. And hopefully, the other 242 passengers are now finally on the Jamaican beach drinking from a coconut.

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