In Carrboro, NC, where a scientist for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency named Rob Pinder lives, the sun shines an average of 218 days per year. This could potentially mean a buttload of free energy, if people installed solar panels on their homes.
To make this happen, Rob went into full boss mode and applied his genius science mind to organizing his community to get a bulk discount for solar panels.

The project is called Solarize Carrboro and aims to have as many homes as possible going solar in the near future. With a substantial group discount on the solar panels, along with some state and federal tax credits, the initiative will be able to cut costs to go solar by over 60%! With an immense price drop from $19k to $7k per installation, this project is bosslike!

We wish Rob Pinder, the community of Carrboro, and all other places wanting to go solar great success! Continue to make the world a better place like a boss!
How to Go Solar in Style Like A Boss
If you don’t like the idea of solar panels on your roof and you’re a bosslike baller, then you can get some roof tiles installed that harvest solar power and look like regular roof tiles!