Your mind is going to be blown to pieces, when you see these amazingly realistic pencil drawings we found. Created by the most bosslike pencil artists to ever grace planet Earth with their presence, these drawings look like photographs!
Angelina Jolie
Capturing Angelina Jolie’s natural beauty is a difficult endeavor, but we believe this pencil drawing really does her justice!

George Clooney
This is a step by step pencil drawing of George Clooney. It’s amazing to see how the drawing develops as the artist is working on it.

Scarlett Johansson
Another beautiful celebrity immortalized into a bosslike pencil drawing.

Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands
One of his, if not THE, most iconic roles forever laid on paper with a pencil!

Justin Bieber
It might very well be a waste of talent, paper and graphite, however some ladies may appreciate it.

Pharrell Williams
This artist is a little bit unique, because she uses colored pencils instead of just doing the drawings in black and white. It makes the images even more lifelike! Here she is hard at work.

Another one with color from the same artist as above. Bosslike.

Jennifer Lawrence
Most people’s favorite witty celebrity is Jennifer Lawrence best known for her role in the Hunger Games movies. We love her humorous sarcasm and this colorful pencil drawing of her.

Paul Walker
This is probably him chillin’ in heaven.

Group Drawing
Doing this famous celebrity group photo with colored pencils with such a realistic feel to it is beyond amazing.

It’s very fitting to make a bosslike pencil drawing of Brasil’s striker Neymar during the World Cup. The process of how the drawing is made is also shown!

Jessica Alba
Another beautiful actress done well with some graphite art.

Sean Connery

And with that, we’re out! We hope you enjoyed the art.