More and more men are choosing to become stay-at-home Dads for various reasons. Often, it simply makes sense from a financial perspective, if the woman in the household is able to earn more money doing her job.

Sometimes the cost of day care is so high, that most of the man’s paycheck would go to that anyhow, so he may as well stay at home and get to spend time with his children. While it was previously a socially awkward situation to be a stay-at-home dad, it’s becoming far more common.

In the last 15 years, the number of stay at home dads has doubled! That means more men are comfortable taking on the challenges of staying at home with children, while their wives or girlfriends are the primary breadwinners of the household. That’s a bosslike display of self confidence and security in your manhood, gentlemen!

If you’re considering becoming a stay at home father and it makes sense financially, why not? Kids are awesome and most fathers in the past didn’t get to spend that much time with their children, because they were always working. While a lot of men may not be suited for the job of raising children, the same can be said about a lot of women in our humble opinion!
Choose what’s best for the children like a boss, they are the most important part in all of this. Women currently make up 47% of the work force in the United States. They often get better paying jobs, which creates a better financial situation for the family as a whole, if the father stays at home with the kids!

We’re all for gender equality and think this is a bosslike trend. Being a real man can certainly mean taking care of your children properly.