NYC is a great place to eat sushi and at Sushi Yasuda they just banned tipping. Instead of making their employees work for tips, they’re paying them a full salary with paid vacation and sick leave instead.

The practice of eliminating the tip is convenient for the customers, who no longer have to figure out an appropriate amount at the end of the meal, and the employees, who no longer have to be so anxious about tips. Instead they’re genuinely happy to have a full salary with paid vacation and sick days, so they naturally provide great service.
This is actually a common practice in a few European countries and the system works. Waiters and waitresses are still friendly and customers are still satisfied with the service they receive. The tipping system can make the dining experience more stressful and it’s pretty easy to just eliminate it like the sushi restaurant in New York City did.
What do you think? Is this a good idea?!