For the past two years, New York City cab driver Mansoor Khalid has brightened the lives of other people with his cool innovation the CandyCab. Sweet surprises are what he promises his passengers! You might get some candy or you might be able to have an impromptu karaoke session under the neon lights inside the CandyCab! The only guarantee is that it’ll be an awesome experience.

He came up with the brilliant idea after his 2yo son died in early 2012 due to heart disease. After the tragic loss of the boy, Khalid wanted to spread joy to other people (and maybe utilize it as a means to cheer himself up a little bit as well to recover from the tragedy), so he came up with the CandyCab concept. Numerous people in NYC loved it!
Unfortunately, after 215,000 miles of loyal service, Khalid’s decked out Toyota Camry finally gave up. Now Mansoor Khalid needs a new ride to bring the CandyCab back to life. He started a GoFundMe page to raise $50k so he can create a brand new CandyCab to serve NYC with yet again.

We think it’s a boss project and worthy cause!