Amanda Jaramillo is the ultimate One Direction super-fan. She is utterly captivated by the music of the pop group to the point where you could call her obsessed! It’s no suprise then, that she was extremely excited to take part in a scavenger hunt for tickets to the sold out One Direction show in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
The scavenger hunt to find and win the tickets took four days. Yes, four days. Determined to find the tickets, she beat everyone else participating in the contest, solved all the clues like a boss, and ended up finding the tickets before any of the other competitors. Victory was Amanda Jaramillo’s and Amanda Jaramillo’s alone, but that’s not the baller part of this story.

After spending four days to win the tickets, the world soon found out that Jaramillo had known all along that she would not be able to use the tickets herself. The diligent college student knew she had class that night and would not be able to attend the concert of her all-time favorite pop group.
She wasn’t working hard to find the tickets to win them for herself. Her mission had been something else all along. The entire four days of the scavenger hunt, she knew she would not be the one going to the concert after she won the tickets. Her plan was to give them away to someone in need.

Enter 12yo Estefania Canales. Since May of this year, she has been battling ovarian cancer and is also a huge fan of One Direction. Their music alone manages to put her in a good mood and plants a smile firmly on her face, even as she suffers through the pain of her treatments. Unfortunately, her parents spend so much money on her medical bills that they were unable to afford to send the 12-year-old to the sold out One Direction show.
Amanda Jaramillo managed to find out about Estefania Canales and her shared love for One Direction through the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where Estefania was being treated for her disease. The tickets went to the 12-year-old cancer patient. And… some more GREAT NEWS! Estefania is now in remission!