We have to start this one off with a warning. Do not try any of these pranks you are about to witness. You could easily get hurt in the process (as did a lot of the pranksters performing these).
With a large influx of pranksters thanks to this niche’s growth in popularity on YouTube over the past couple years or so, these guys are continuously pushing the limits of what is safe in hopes of getting noticed. It makes for terrific entertainment as you are about to see, but it may also raise some concerns about the safety of these YouTube prank artists.
Below we’ve compiled our list of the top 10 pranks in our humble opinion, but obviously ranking horseplay like this is extremely subjective. If you feel like we completely missed your favorite (and wild) antics, let us know in the comments like a boss! We didn’t even rank this list. We’re crazy like that. Maybe there aren’t even 10 pranks listed. Or are there?!
Warning: Some of these contain strong language and violence. Don’t watch the videos, if you’re easily offended.
Creepy Third Hand Prank

The guys from NormelTV used a fake third hand to be true butt-grabbing creeps in public. Wait until you see the reaction of the first girl they attempt this one on. (Pro Tip: The rest of the video is fairly uneventful, so spend your time watching something else. For example, the rest of the videos on this list!)
Miami Zombie Attack Prank

VitalyzdTV’s prank where he dressed up like a zombie and chased people is really what put him on the map back in 2012 and we believe it’s still his best prank ever. Since then, his work has risen greatly in popularity and he may be among the most popular pranksters on YouTube. Unfortunately, more recently his prank videos have declined in quality and we don’t really find ourselves too entertained by Vitaly anymore. It’s okay though, he has a ton of followers who will remain loyal to him.
Singing Club Songs to People

This is actually a series of hilarious prank videos done by YouTube prankster DJ from PublicPrank. Part 3 is shown here (our personal favorite), but there are a total of four parts so far. The basic premise is that he walks around in public with his guitar and sings acoustic covers of explicit club songs for people. His delivery is pure gold and the reactions of people are also sure to make you laugh hard.
Unfortunately, DJ fails to be as entertaining in his other prank videos, so we believe he should just stick to singing club songs to people in public like a boss. Seriously, DJ… please do more of these!
Shot in the Hood Prank

Using a laser pointer and firecrackers in some unappealing Las Vegas neighborhoods, the guy from Epic Five TV made people believe he got shot! Overall, his pranks are pretty good and he seems to do a lot of offensive stuff… which rustles some Jimmies and makes for a jolly good time if you’re at home watching from a distance.
Anniversary Prank Backfires

Roman Atwood is an extremely popular YT prankster and he made the mistake of trying to prank his girlfriend in this one. Let’s just say he took it too far and it backfired brilliantly! This is probably the strongest FAIL on this list, yet Roman is probably the truest boss among the gods of prank.
Urban Touchdown

RĂ©mi Gaillard is a French YouTube comedian, who does some extremely wild pranks. While his prank where he turned Mario Kart into a real life thing is his most popular one, we really enjoyed the urban football prank of his the most.
Dressed in a football uniform, he runs up to random people in public, grabs an item from them and spikes it like a football during a touchdown celebration. Wow! Judging by the fact that he didn’t get a beating out of this, French people must be pretty laid back!
Fart Prank Punch

During a fart prank done by Jack Vale at Target, this badass old man didn’t take too kindly to someone farting that close to his wife and decided to punch Jack in the face like a boss. If you’re going to prank people, you have to expect to deal with the consequences in our opinion.
I Will Destroy You

Garrett Garcia from OverboardHumor is beyond nuts, must have testicles the size of grapefruits and will challenge anyone to fight in public it seems. In the few videos we watched of his, he got punched and was extremely close to getting in fights multiple times. He doesn’t back down (seemingly ever), so we hope he manages to stay out of the hospital in the future. Great laughs were had at, “Keep backing up, I’ll destroy you.”
Dead Body Taxi Prank

After making a taxi driver believe there is a dead body in his trunk, this prank goes horribly wrong!
Holding People’s Hand

We just had to include Andrew Hales from LAHWF in this list. His pranks are just so unique with his insanely awkward delivery that everyone should know about him. He includes a fair amount of charity videos (i.e. tipping servers $200 or paying for people’s groceries) on his YT channel, which makes Andrew a true boss among pranksters.
In the video above, he’s just trying to hold people’s hand. They’re random strangers and he manages to act like the most awkward person alive doing this, which makes it absolutely hilarious.
And with that, we end our list of our ten favorite pranks. We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did! Share them with your friends and family, but only the ones that aren’t easily offended!