Rob Ferrel, also known as Rob the Original, is a master barber and artist in San Antonio, Texas, USA. He completely kills it with his amazing artwork cut, buzzed and shaved into people’s hair. He uses Instagram to share his work with people. Today, we wanted to share it with you here directly!
Lionel Messi
Arguably the best soccer player currently active, Lionel Messi is a hero to the people of Argentina. Why not shave his face and the flag of Argentina into the back of your head?!

Neymar da Silva Santos JĂșnior
Another great soccer player carved into someone’s hair with impeccable barber skills courtesy of Rob the Original. Neymar may have a broken back and won’t be to finish the World Cup for the Brazilian national team, but he will dominate the hair field of this guy’s head. At least until his hair grows back!

Check out the Neymar and Lionel Messi haircuts together in the picture below with the artist himself inbetween!

Statue of Liberty
Don’t worry, there are more World Cup players coming. (Apparently people in San Antonio love soccer.) But here is a Statue of Liberty artistic haircut. Why? Because ‘Murica!

Bro… bro! You have spider webs all up in your hair!

If you want to avoid having a zombie eat your brains, maybe you shouldn’t let Rob the Original carve him into your hair?!

Tim Duncan
During the NBA Finals, the local San Antonio Spurs fans tried their best to get appointments with Rob to have him slice Tim Duncan’s mug into their hair. The fans below were lucky enough to have it done!

Edward Scissorhands
How fitting for a barber to cut this into someone’s hair! Edward did a few haircuts himself. Look at Rob rockin’ the scissorhands like a boss!

Tim Howard
We promised you more World Cup players! Here is another couple of them and we’re starting off with USA’s Secretary of Defense, the incredibly talented goalkeeper Tim Howard.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Portugal didn’t do so well in the World Cup this year, but Ronaldo is still a great player.


Walter White, also known as Heisenberg, from AMC’s bosslike show ‘Breaking Bad’. What a methy haircut!

If you’re ever in San Antonio and want a bosslike haircut, hit up Rob the Original. He’s a busy man, so good luck getting an appointment!