Holy crap, this one is a really badass story. It’s beyond inspirational what this man did when he dropped 70 feet into an icy crevasse and broke his arm (and a few ribs). He climbed back out!
(Side note: A crevasse is a deep crack in an ice sheet or glacier.)
While conducting research in the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal, 44-year-old professor of geography and environmental studies John All dropped 70 feet into a crevasse. He broke his arm and five ribs due to the fall. He also dislocated his shoulder.
After surviving the fall, he spent the next six hours climbing out of the crevasse like a boss. And he shot some videos on his way!
WARNING: Strong language and some blood ahead!
In the first video, you see the initial situation after the 70ft drop into the crevasse. John immediately begins to plan his climb out of there.

In this second video, our boss scientist continues his climb and realizes his broken arm will be borderline useless for the rest of the climb ahead.

Barely able to talk due to his broken ribs, John All runs into some trouble climbing out of the crevasse but doesn’t give up!

In the final video he created, John is close to exiting the crevasse. He tells himself, “Just a little further!”

Once he made it out of the crevasse, it took him three more hours to get back to his tent. He posted a rescue plead on Facebook and was eventually rescued the next morning. The picture below is of John during his recovery process.

Professor John All, you are a true boss and an inspiration! Keep doing your thing like a boss!