Our minds are blown by the fascination derived from these incredible sculptures made out of scrap metal. These brilliant artists / welders are really onto something with utilizing recycled scrap metal to create artistic masterpieces for people to enjoy. These colossal works of art will inspire wonder and kickstart your imagination!
For thousands of years, humans and horses have interacted in various ways and there will always be a special connection between us and these amazing animals. The stallion sculptures that follow were made by artist John Lopez. http://www.johnlopezstudio.com

The King of the Jungle can weigh up to 550lbs and will wreck multiple hyenas in epic battles to assert his dominance in the most violent manner possible. This beautiful metal sculpture was created with more than 4,000 pieces.
Each piece of metal was hand cut and hammered by the artist Selcuk Yilmaz https://www.behance.net/selcukylmz. It took him 10 months to complete this amazing masterpiece that weighs in at 551lbs (the approximate weight of a massive lion). There is a Coke can in the second image for scale.

This tiny creation is made from old watch parts. The bee in its hive was crafted with great detail by artist Susan Beatrice http://allnaturalarts.wordpress.com.

While most of artist Edouard Martinet’s http://www.edouardmartinet.net work is stunning, we believe these scrap metal sculptures of insects may be his best work. A special thing about Martinet’s intricate insects is that he does not solder or weld parts together, instead he uses screws exclusively to connect pieces of metal together.

Legendary creatures of myth with serpentine or reptilian traits, dragons are known to many cultures. We wouldn’t want this bosslike metal sculpture of a dragon spitting fire at us, that’s for sure!

Sci-Fi Movie Characters
A recycled metal arts shop near Bangkok, Thailand creates amazing scrap metal statues of popular sci-fi characters. At Kreatworks http://www.kreatworks.com, about a dozen artists work hard to build these massive metal sculptures of characters like various Transformers, Alien, Predator or even Robocop himself!

And we’re off to hammer some metal. Not really.