A 6-month-old baby suddenly stopped breathing on the way to the hospital. The family had stopped outside a Dollar General Store to call 911 when they were spotted by Officer Harold Drummond.

The six-month old baby was suffering from a respiratory infection. The family was on their way to the Hospital when little AJ Sherrod just stopped breathing. The family pulled over to call 911, and were spotted by an Officer.

The officer, Harold Drummond knew how to do two-finger infant CPR and ran to the rescue.

“When I looked down at that baby AJ, I looked down into my son’s face. I looked down into my grandson’s face” Drummond told CBS News.

The Officer saved the little boy’s life, but said he was “extremely nervous” and would “prefer to look down the barrel of a gun than to look down at a baby in distress.”

AJ’s mother, Angel Collins, said Drummond was in the right place at the right time. “He allowed God to use him to help us save the baby,” she told CBS News.

The police sergeant from Waynesboro, Georgia won’t think about what could’ve happened if he hadn’t been there or what could’ve gone wrong. But we are happy for this real time hero and his quick thinking.

Here is how to do a “two finger infant CPR”

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