Japanese underground speed hunters and street racers are comprised by different groups, car clubs and gangs. One being the Bōsōzoku which is most popular due to the unworldly designs and mods slapped on their bikes and automobiles. If you were to translate the word into English it literally means “reckless tribe.” Take a sneak peek into Tokyo’s nightlife from a GoPro’s perspective which illustrates the audaciousness in gripping fashion. Seeing the act as a form of creative expression, many that are part of this Japanese subculture tour through Tokyo in packs, driving highly customized Lamborghinis, RWB Porsches, Suzuki Hayabusas, and on the extreme end of things Kaido Racers, which are the epitome of Japanese car culture. All sorts of rumors have surrounded this gathering of supercars, including some of affiliations to the Yakuza (famous Japanese mafia faction). We wouldn’t buy into those too much, but one things is for sure: these guys love nightlife and have very deep pockets.
Flames spitting out the exhaust of a 1000+HP Lamborghini Diablo! You definitely wouldn’t want to get caught behind that thing.

Kaido drivers are known for their crazy customized cars and exhaust mods.bosozoku_43
Take a ride through the streets with one of Tokyo’s Hayabusa motorcycle gangs which is ran by a girl… Yep that’s right, a girl!!! How boss is that? gopro-hero4-captures-the-adventure-of-life-in-japan-0000
Check out the GoPro footage shot in 4K quality above to get a feeling for some of the extreme aspects of Japanese nightlife and tuner culture