If you have some cash to blow on your dream home, you might consider some architectural masterpieces like the following items.
Will you look at that pool. It’s amazing. I just want to hop in there for a nice relaxing evening swim.

What is this? Heaven? This circular lounge area is befitting for royalty!

The dining room is basically extended by the balcony, which offers the most incredible view!

Let some sunshine in through this amazing open roof design.

The cabin the woods has just been bumped up to the next level by this beautiful setup.

Could a staircase be more exquisite and aesthetic than this one?!

The perfect design for the perfect location is what knocks this one out of the park for us.

Simple, yet elegant, it blends into its surroundings so well.

Do want.

Are you in need of an outdoor shower? This one is stylish to say the least!

I present to you the ultimate man cave game room.

If you’re coming home to this, why would you ever want to leave?!

Possibly the classiest indoor pool ever created by mankind.

A backyard setup you couldn’t dream up if you tried. You need a brilliant architect to make something like this happen for your home.

A kitchen even a chef would fall in love with.

Another killer pool area to make you envious.

This design. I like it!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. What is this place?!